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Tanis Aircraft Products

Tanis Aircraft Products and Bruce’s Custom Covers have built a great long-term relationship. For about 10 years, Tanis had produced custom aircraft covers in-house and had often utilized the resources of Bruce’s to supplement their product offerings. The decision to partner consolidated the knowledge and skills of both companies allowing Tanis to focus on its core competency of delivering the industry’s leading aircraft preheat systems.

Insulated covers enhance the performance of the Tanis electric preheat system by reducing warm-up times and prolonging the application of heat in extreme cold conditions. Insulated covers are available for engine cowlings and propeller/spinners. These custom-fitted covers are designed to, among other things, maintain heat in the engine compartment and provide protection from frost and ice build-up.

While Tanis has invested years of experience in cover manufacturing, Bruce’s is equally recognized for pushing the technological advancement of cover design. Bruce’s has invested in computer-assisted design methods and is on the leading edge of materials design and manufacturing processes.

Tanis Aircraft Products' Contact Information:


Phone: 952-224-4425

2951 100th Court NE, Suite 150
Minneapolis, MN 55449